NTR, also known as ANNA (elder brother), toured the state extensively in what was called Chaitanya Ratham (literally - a Chariot which spreads awareness), his "election vehicle", and made use of the immense popularity of his on-screen movie image (his image in roles of Hindu mythological dieties- Rama, Krishna etc) to win the next election. The party was voted into power in a record nine months after its establishment on March 29, 1982. TDP also won 30 (out of 42) Lok Sabha seats.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Telugudesam Party: Flag and Symbol

Telugudesam Party: Flag and Symbol

1. Motto behind the formation of the Flag:

People of the Andhra treats the yellow color as holy in nature. So N.T.Ramarao [N.T.R], the founder president of the party, wished to have that color to the party flag.

The hut in the flag is the symbol that stands for the poor.

The wheel in the flag is the symbol for the workers.

The plough is for the farmers.

He wished to express that his party stands to serve for these three groups of the people who form a major chunk in the society.

2. CYCLE: Party symbol of the Telugu Desam party.

When Alluru formed as new election constituency in the Nellore district, Sri Bezawada Papireddy contested as MLA and won the election in 1967 as an independent candidate against the congress candidate. His election symbol was the ‘Bicycle’. Later Papireddy joined the Telugudesam party.

One day N.T.R. was holding party meeting with the workers to discuss about the election symbol for the party. Papireddy suggested the cycle as the symbol of the party. First of all N.T.R did not show much interest, but after a while he announced that he is going to request the election commission to allot the ‘Bicycle’ as the election symbol of his party.

In the ensuing 1983 assembly elections, this announcement made everybody into astonishment. Thus the bicycle has become election symbol of the Telugudesam party officially.

Slogans of the Telugudesam party during 1983 elections:

1. 1 Kg of rice for two rupees only
2. preserving the self respect of the Telugu people (Andhra Pride).
3. No dominance of Delhi politics over Andhras.
4. Politics should be pure and corruption free.
5. We should not live at the charity of others.

NT Ramarao won in the 1983 assembly elections and sworn in as chief minister on 9th January, 1983.


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